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Vienna For Your Luxury Travel

Have you been planning to go to Vienna? Read our guide to find some of the Regional attractions and also make your trip a worth-while one:


This tower's non-central place works to its very best advantage for the VIP luxury traveler. It protrudes from Donaupark from the east area of town, giving a remarkable perspective of Danube into the middle of town. It is possible to walk around the stage for sightseeing or encounter a 360-degree ride within the revolving restaurant.

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Some cannot feel comfortable about dining in movement at 150m. The same, it's fantastic to book a location. If you aren't scared of heights, then you are able to jump from over, during summertime.

Wiener Staatsoper

The Vienna State Opera House is an Significant Part Viennese life in Addition to a Sign of resurgence following World War II. The first presentation of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" is contained in its own rich history.  The post-war structure includes a neo-Renaissance facade, auditorium plus a technologically complex stage.

Other areas of interest include the Tea Room and marble Grand Staircase in addition to the paintings and tapestries that depict famous opera scenes in addition to the sculptures of famous conductors and composers.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

This art museum in Vienna is regarded one of the very best in Europe.Throughout the centuries, the Habsburgs accumulated a huge array of fantastic artwork from other areas throughout the world.  These collections include acquisitions by Old Masters like Durer, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Velasquez, Vermeer and Titian in Addition to ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Oriental paintings. It might take over 1 day to observe the collections because they're displayed on almost two miles of corridors.