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Tips For Making Your Silk Flower Arrangement Beautiful

Almost anyone can learn to arrange flowers. You do not need to be a professional to create beautiful silk flower arrangements. silk flowers is a very good choice for beginners because they are easy to work with and last forever.

The best place to start is to decide where the flowers will be placed. Next, choose a vase. The size and shape of the vase will determine the size of the flower arrangement. The general rule is to use half-height vase arrangement. This will provide a good balance.  If you are going for something simple and sophisticated, you can choose a high vase with a narrow hole. For primary floristry tool kit  make an online search.

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Another good option to store the initial interest is to use a vase that has a crosshatch pattern on top. It allows you to arrange flowers more easily and evenly. If not, you will need to cut a piece of Styrofoam or florist foam to fit inside the vase to anchor flowers.

The only limit when choosing flowers to arrange is your imagination. You can select a bunch of flowers of the same color but in different color from that. For example, pick a few flowers of various shades of yellow, from pale lemon gold. Or you can work with all warm shades such as yellow, orange and red, or all cool colors such as blue, purple and green. The best way is to choose three or more colors with one of them being more dominant than others. It helps to have a color wheel shows complementary colors, secondary colors and other fun color combinations.

To select your design, you can go with the design of horizontal or vertical designs, depending on what would be used for. A vertical design that is spare and simple will look stunning on a table corner, and the horizontal design would look great on a buffet table or dining table. 

Some people like to start with greenery and filler, and others want to start with flowers. Experimenting with both a way to know which is more convenient for you.