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Picking Up Orders With Amazon Flex Application

As mentioned earlier, you may have different types of orders, which means you may have various pickup locations. Let's break them down now. Before that, you can download the amazon flex application iphone from the various sites. 

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Prime Now-The Amazon pickup location will be displayed on your app one hour before the time of your initial block. Pickup place might not be the actual formation-you may be asked to go to the area to wait before being given the pickup location.

Amazon's fresh- Orders begin at a delivery station Prime Now. Follow the same process as with other commands. You will be asked whether the customer needs to be present for delivery and if you need to verify age for alcohol delivery.

Amazon Spanish-When taking out of a restaurant, you will want to have an insulated bag to keep food warm. As with other types of pickup, when you arrive at the location, click on "I Arrived" in the application and it will tell you where to go.  In most cases, you will be met by an employee of Amazon that will verify your ID and ask you to scan the code arrival.

As with all of these commands, the app will provide you with a suggested route for delivery. Note, this is probably not the best route, so use your judgment and local knowledge to find the best route to maximize your time and your income.