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How to Find Out if Cement is of Good Quality

Cement appears in the form of a pale greyish powdery substance in its raw state. It is diluted and mixed with various other constructional materials in order to make it work as per the requirements of a constructional project. Basically, it provides the concrete structure the durability and strength it needs. 

However, the cement manufacturers in India and other places opine that in order to make a concrete structure work effectively, the quality of it should also be given due consideration. If you are looking for the best cement in India then you can consult Prism Cement.

Here are some points to remember for buying good quality cement. Watch out!

The visual appeal of the material

The first factor that determines the quality of cement is its visual appeal. Always remember that the color of good quality cement is always pale grey. Moreover, this grey tone should be uniformly present in the entire batch packed in a gunny bag. The good news is that the look of it can be tested by taking out a scoop of it from a particular bag and examining it under bright light.

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The physical feel of the material

The next parameter worth considering for determining the quality of it is its physical feel. The experts from the construction industry recommend that good quality of this should feel smooth all throughout the batch. This can be tested by taking a pinch of it in your hand and rubbing it gently. If it appears smooth, you can conclude that it is of good quality. 

The manufacturing date of the material

The next criterion for affirming the quality of cement is its manufacturing date. Never forget to inspect the bag for finding out the manufacturing date before buying the selected bag of cement. Always keep in mind that the cement you are planning to buy should not be older than three months, or else it will affect the performance of this constructional material.

The lightness of the material

The lightness of cement also indicates its quality. This is because good quality cement is always light in weight. You can check this by sprinkling some powdered cement into plain water. If the cement floats, it will indicate that the construction material is of good quality. Do not buy it if you find otherwise.