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Recognizing the Early Stages of Endometriosis

While many women never think about the stages of endometriosis until they are told they have it, it may be a more common condition than most people realize. Endometriosis is a collection of endometrial tissue that grows outside the uterus. This can lead to pain problems and infertility.

There are several treatments for this, but no cure. Any woman of childbearing age can develop this condition, but the exact reasons some get it and some don't seem to be a mystery. You can browse to get information about 'endometriosis awareness month'.

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Although it is estimated that only five percent of women (of childbearing age) have endometriosis, the numbers can be much higher. What is even more confusing is that the early stages of endometriosis may not be known.

Several studies have shown that women who start menstruating at a very young age have a higher risk of developing endometriosis. It also seems that those with this condition have shorter cycles with heavier and longer periods than other women of childbearing age.

On its own, this is not a sign that a person has endometriosis, but when diagnosed, they are similar. Although the genetic link is uncertain, a woman is more likely to develop endometriosis if she has close family members, such as a mother, aunt, or sister.

Some of the early stages of this condition are quite unclear and the diagnosis can be a matter of elimination. One of the first signs is difficulty getting pregnant. This may not be noticeable early on as women tend to delay giving birth to their thirty for various reasons.