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Tips to Prepare for Procurement Training


If you are about to enter the world of procurement especially for a public limited company, then you need to be ready for a hectic yet an amazing career. You must know about the procurement basics before you get into actual training in becoming procurement professional. Knowing the basics will definitely allow you to perform well during the training course. These are some of the tips that will help you excel well during the training.

  • Know About Public Limited Companies – The procurement process is quite different when compared between private and public limited company. The process is monitored all the time ensuring the public’s money is in safe hands. Since the public too is involved the procurement department need to be transparent during their work. This basic knowledge along with additional ones must be known by you.
  • Know About Tenders – Public limited companies offer tenders in order to invite suppliers and vendors to fulfil their orders for the goods. The issued tender is in the form of advertisement that is visible to the public. This ensures that everyone is working together as a team throughout the procurement process.
  • Known About Bids –There are bids offered by tenders to the suppliers and vendors. The suppliers or vendors will then respond their own bids for the delivery of the goods and raw materials of the highest quality and quantity. If you are capable of handling bids, then you are always going to be on a better side.

These are some of the things you need to learn about procurement. After the training, you will be provided with a valid certificate in procurement and contract management.