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Tips on Dealing With a Drug Addict in New Jersey

When you have a loved one that is addicted to drugs it is very easy to become extremely angry with them.

And why shouldn't you be? When they are on drugs they become a different person. They become easily irritated and take it out on you. They lie and even steal from you. They take advantage of your kindness and become hostile when you say anything about their drug problem.

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When someone treats you like this it is very hard to realize that they are, in fact, a very sick person and in need of intense treatment. It is hard to understand that they are not in their right state of mind and need to be restored to sanity.

As someone who has been entrenched in the drug addiction, intervention, and treatment arena for a number of years I would like to make something very clear to you. The person you are dealing with is a very very ill person, indeed.

What I will attempt to do is offer a couple of suggestions that may help you cope with your addicted loved one more effectively.

Don't Take It Personally

No matter what they say or do, do not take it personally. Any negativity that they project toward you is simply a reflection of the pain that they feel inside. It is not a personal attack on you.

If you should acquire a drug intervention team to aid you in disrupting their drug use, the intervention expert will tell you the same thing.

Avoid Enabling

If you give them everything they demand, they will only expect more and become more angry, hurtful, and disrespectful when they don't get what they want.