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The Three Healthy Indian Dishes That You Must Try

Almost every person has heard about Indian food. Indian cuisine is especially known for its spiciness and the ingredients that are used to enhance the flavours. Almost every country has an Indian food restaurant. You can even find #1 Indian restaurants in Richardson TX with masala twist cuisine if you want to try Indian food. here are three healthy dishes that can be found in those restaurants.

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T1. Ghewar

This is the main dish of Rajasthan. This delicacy is very popular during the holidays of Teej, Makar Sankranti, Gangaur. The dough is made with flour that is filled into a mould and deep-fried. Ghewar is then dipped in sugar syrup for a time and served hot with a filler or Malai Mawa. The main ingredient that gives a distinct flavour to the dish is the essence of kewda, a plant extract.

2. Aam Ka Murabba

The aam ka murabba is a traditional Indian delicacy prepared with raw mango and can serve with accompanying roti or paratha. the grated mangoes or slices mixed with sugar and cooked over low heat. Spices like aniseed (saunf) or cumin are added and mix to provide special gasoline flat .

3. Lassi

This traditional refreshment from the state of the five rivers(Punjab). This is relief from the scorching heat of summers and comes in various avatars. Yogurt mixed with water and spices or different flavours resulting in a beverage that is better appreciated in a kulhad (glass made of clay).