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The Benefits of Pool Covers

Swimming pool covers are a great addition to most pools because there are a number of things that they helped with. Keep dirt and debris out of the pool, keeping the water in the pool to prevent evaporation and retain heat to extend the swimming season.

Evaporation – An average of 8 x 4m heated swimming pool will lose nearly 45,000 liters of water each year and up to 80,000 liters of water every year if it is heated throughout the year. If you're looking for retractable automatic pool covers, you can browse various online sources.

The main factors affecting the rate of evaporation of the pool in the country are:

The surface area of the pool – The bigger the pool, the more surface area, therefore, a larger volume of evaporation.

Water and air temperature – The highest evaporation rate occurs when the difference between air and water temperatures are the greatest. It's probably not in the middle of a hot day when the pool is in use. At this point, the water and air temperature may be close enough.

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Later in the evening, the pool water may remain warm, but the temperature has fallen substantially – which means a larger temperature difference between air and water – and greater evaporation.

Humidity – The dry air, the greater the evaporation rate. In very humid conditions less evaporation occurs.

Wind – final and very significant factor for home pools wind. Just a gentle breeze of 11 kilometers per hour can be more than double the rate of evaporation to remove the insulating layer warm, moist air directly on the surface of the pond.