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Litigation Or Mediation – Choose The Best Way For Settlement

Mediation is a structured, confidential, and voluntary settlement process in which the spouses of both partners seeking divorce can easily and easily resolve disputes with the help of a trained neutral who is known as a divorce mediator.

One can only discuss problems in an open environment which allows both parties to communicate easily and discuss important issues and it is necessary without hesitation to find the best solution and reach an agreement that will benefit both parties also from the court. You can also visit this site to get the best mediation services.

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On the other hand, if we want to talk about litigation. Divorce litigation is a legal process where a person who wants to divorce his partner chooses a lawyer to represent the party in the divorce proceedings.

All discussions, exchange of relevant information, communications and correspondence take place between these individual lawyers. Divorce disputes are also identified through the process of exchanging financial information, inquiries, other mandatory requirements, and filing Pd namely. H.

Time spent on mediation versus time spent on litigation –

The mediation process usually requires a two to the three-hour session, followed by court decisions, legal proceedings for documents and records.

All these formalities are handled by the mediator as he acts as the sole attorney on behalf of both parties. The meeting time can be determined by the appropriate parties. On the other hand, the lawsuit process is a lengthy process that takes at least 1 year to find out the trial date.

During the mediation process, it is the parties who make decisions, communicating all their decisions to the mediator and, after understanding each other and drawing conclusions, make decisions.