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Japanese Fashion Trends Taking Over the Streets of Tokyo

Japan’s street fashions for the young and trendy are often strange, bordering on the bizarre. Anyone who has seen the Harajuku district of Tokyo will know just how odd the styles can be – Victorian Lolita and the flamboyant Visual Kei styles are a familiar part of the scene. But there is also another kid on the block – Kigurumi – and this one has now gone global.

Kigurumi outfits are the most popular of the fashion styles in Tokyo. In their purest form, the one-piece garments represent the multitude of cartoon characters so familiar to followers of Japan’s anime (animated cartoon) industry. Some have become well known around the world like the robot cat Doraemon, the woodland spirit Totoro and Hello Kitty, not forgetting the irrepressible Pikachu. They also depict characters from manga, the unique Japanese comics that originated more than a century ago but which became popular in their modern form during the US occupation.

The Japanese take their Kigurumi very seriously, with enthusiasts holding competitions and conventions eager to display their favorite outfits. And then there are the ‘dollars’, Kigurumi performers who don flesh-colored full-body suits over which they wear their chosen character outfits along with a full-face mask. Some even work professionally, appearing at promotional events and on other occasions. You can browse stylebuzzer to get more information about it.

Young Japanese have latched onto Kigurumi and have adapted it for street and party wear. These one-piece pajama-like outfits, known as Kigurumi onesies, are usually made from a soft fleecy fabric that is warm and comfortable and comes with a hood instead of the facemask. They still depict some of the old favorite characters but a whole range of new cute, cuddly animal characters are now included. These fun, colorful onesies have become wildly popular among the Western party crowd and are now being seen on the streets of London, New York, and all the other major Western cities.