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How To Get The Cat Eye Lift Thread Look

The cat eye lift thread is a common and desirable look that some people love to sport, while others find it hard to pull off. In this article, find out how to get the look with just a few simple steps. Read on for more.

This treatment is a combination of the classic Asian eyeliner and a tip lift, which is where the skin of your lower lid is temporarily lifted. You can find information regarding cat eye lift thread via

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Usually it’s done with bleaching cream and a cotton bud, however sometimes this is done with surgical glue as well. The result – you’ll have an eye look that looks like there are tiny cat eyes surrounding them.

The ‘cat eye’ effect can be achieved in several different ways: the traditional way by using gel liner, or the more modern way created by applying liquid liner to your top lash line and blending it into the natural lash line. This will give you the illusion of a kitten eye.

Here are some tips to achieve this look:For a more dramatic effect, you can use shadow to create the kitten eye look. Make sure that you don’t go too heavy with any color as this will make your eyes look too dark. 

You can also blow out and highlight your lashes with a lighter color. You can also add mascara on top of your eye liner; this will then create an even thicker outer cat eye. 

To achieve an extremely dramatic look, you can use both types of liners! Instead of applying liquid liner to your top lash line (which is normally used) you can also apply gel liner to your bottom lash line.

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