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The Hotel Pesqueria del Tambre arises from the rehabilitation of a group of houses, which formed a power plant at the beginning of the last century. It sits on an old Cistercian fishery that supplied fish and shellfish to the monks of the monastery of Toxosoutos in San Xusto, 10 km away.

This monastery was founded around 1132 under the rule of San Benito. King Alfonso VII granted them great favors and privileges. And in the middle of S XIII it became the monastery with the greatest economic power in Galicia. In the year 1504 I am annexed to Sobrado dos Monxes, accepting the reform of the Cister. 


The Central is the work of the modernist architect Antonio Palacios (1300 – 1408) (author of emblematic buildings such as the Communications Palace and the Círculo de Bellas Artes, in Madrid, or the García Bardón theater in Vigo). His work was a “section” within the Spanish architecture in the first half of S XX, being able to affirm the existence of a certain “Palacios School”. 

And without any doubt it contributes decisively to the change of the physiognomy of Madrid during this first half of the century. Palacios is the representative of monumentalism in Spanish architecture, the driving lever of his style was grandeur. All this can be clearly seen in the building that houses the Power Plant and its complementary buildings. Work that began in 1924 on behalf of the “Sociedad Gallega de Electricidad”