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Different Type Of Dog Commands

Additional training is important for every dog is to train them not to bark incessantly. Each dog will bark, especially faced with a stranger. However, you have to train them not to bark at strangers.

If the barking is due to attention-seeking, you should reward him with attention and treats when he stops barking on command quietly. This presupposes that you have been taught to speak and previously quiet command. The best way to guide a puppy  is through the internet.

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Jumping on you

Your dog might jump on you every time you come back from outside. It actually shows his love for you and of course seeking your attention.

However, you need to train him not to do it. One of the easiest ways is to turn your back on him and walked away until he stops jumping. Try this a few times until he got the message that jumps at you is not acceptable behavior and will not be rewarded.

Scratching at furniture

The final training that every dog must be given is scratching at your furniture, carpets, and cushions. The reasons for these are varied. It could be because she wanted to dig up slivers of dropped food. She could also be attracted by a certain smell

Whatever the motivation, you certainly would not want him ruining towards your furniture. One simple way to stop it from doing this is to distract her from her scratching behavior. It could well get his favorite toy and throw away and asked him to pick up. You can also break the behavior by asking him to do more cued behavior.