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Benefits of DTG Printing

At present, there are many ways to make impressive clothing clothes through DTG printing. Although this technology is quite new, it is increasingly popular among users, especially business users.

This technology allows you to apply water-based ink on fabrics, unlike traditional printers. It's like printing documents from the comfort of your room. In this article, we will focus on the direct benefits of garment printing. Read on to find out more.  You can know about the DTG printing process from

  • Vibrancy and detail

Unlike conventional printing methods, this technology can be used to make photo-realistic images. Actually, this printer fired small ink droplets to create good results. These machines use a good color spectrum. So, they are the ideal choice for making colorful designs with many nuances and gradients.

  • On-demand printing

In the case of screen-printing, you need to manage many things. But in terms of printing DTG, you have a minimum setting. But you can benefit from multi-color by pressing the button. Even small orders can be delivered on time. This can help improve customer experience because it will almost no delay.

  • Profitability

Because there are almost no settings needed for this machine, the operating costs are quite low. As a result, business owners can get a higher profit. Therefore, manufacturers can charge competitive prices.

  • Small volume opportunities

The great thing about the DTG printer is that they can help you complete small verses and large orders. The reason is this machine is quite versatile. Lower setting and operating costs make these machines be the ideal choice for small businesses.

  • Simplicity

Easily make molds flawlessly. The good thing is that the design can be made by following four simple steps. The first step involved pre-treating the garment.