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Basics Electric Wiring For Save Time & Money

Question 1: What is the NEC? Where can I get a copy?

NEC is a pattern of electrical code that is created and issued by the National Fire Protection Association, an insurance industry group. It is revised every three years.

No code in several versions. There is a full text, which is quite understandable. There is a short edition, which only has a part that tended to apply to most homes. If you are looking for home electrical wiring then you can browse various online sources.

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And there is the NEC Handbook, which contains the “official comment'' on the code, as well as full text. That version is recommended. Unfortunately, there is no handbook for a summary edition. And handbooks full of expensive US $ 65 plus shipping and handling.

Question 2: Can I do my wiring Or Additional pointers?

In most situations, homeowners are allowed to make their cable. In some, they are not. Check your local electrical inspector. Most places will not allow you to do this wiring in another home for money without a license. Neither is you allowed to do the wiring in "commercial" buildings.

Some of the residences (e.g.: duplexes) are regularly considered "commercial" or "semi-commercial". Various jurisdictions will allow you to work on semi-commercial wiring if you are supervised by a licensed electrician if you can find one willing to supervise.