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All About Past Life Chakra Healing

Past lives are things that are wonderful to work with, especially if you know how to access it. You can do this by working closely with you and your Akashic Records Past Life Chakra too. Many people do not know where the minor chakra is located, or how to cure, energize or even work with this.

Your Past Life chakra point is located behind your ear. This is a minor chakra points and can help access your past life as well as work on any kind of healing that you may need to release the karmic debts you have previously occurred. You can also know more about cho ku rei symbol to get your physical wellness.

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Working with your past life chakra, you can open your local minor chakras, karma issues before release to be cured or cleaned so that you can move into your physical life, and even releasing the Akashic Records.

Best crystal to be used for minor chakra points are Amazonite,blue Fluorite, Angelite and Amber. I personally prefer to use Amber to this session, because this is what resonates in my vibration field.

To work with healing crystals for chakra point is, you can only lay on her back, and three of the appropriate crystal around your head. 

You can put one behind each ear and the rest over your crown chakra crystals. This will align the grid to the point of Past Life Healing Chakra you. From there you can work on self-healing, healing of karma, meditation and much more depending on what your main focus of this session is.

Always remember to clean your crystal afterward, because you do not want to hold any negative energy associated with your past life or karma problems.