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Advanced Email Service For Web Directories

If you're familiar with chat bots, or those clever little bots that enable you to chat online for free, then you may be aware of Facebook Chatbot. This latest program comes from PayPal and also as its sister programs Botox and Echuca. This new bot has made things a lot easier for those who use Messenger to chat online.

A Facebook Chatbot is basically a piece of computer software that utilizes artificial intelligence (machine learning) to interact with customers on a regular basis. Simply put, such robots understand what's being asked and then can then formulate an appropriate answer in a far more humane manner than is possible with a traditional human. Simply put, such automated robots have the capacity to completely revolutionize the field of customer support, marketing, and customer service as we know it for the better. In fact, the possibilities are endless.

Below are some of the advanced capabilities of a good bot:

* Improve efficiency – Messenger Bot eliminates much of the repetitive, mundane, and boring aspects of repetitive customer service processes that are so often seen in today's modern era. For instance, a common task for automated bots is to ask customers if they want to opt-in to receive promotional emails. Once a yes is received, the bot can begin to answer their queries. They will no longer have to wait for a staff member to manually do this work. This automated process of generating relevant content, answering simple questions, and distributing promotional materials virtually eliminates any possibility for error or human error. As such, any errors are eliminated and the interaction between a customer service representative and a potential client can be far more relaxed and enjoyable.

* Simplify marketing campaigns – Many businesses, especially small-scale businesses, lack the resources or personnel to properly maintain and promote their own brand. Messenger Bot is one of many tools that can help businesses market their brand, services, and products effectively. The bot can be programmed to automatically send out direct messages to all of your email addresses from a built-in database of pre-determined phrases. The messages will be personalized to each customer based on their interests and connections to other customers. This not only streamlines your marketing efforts but also makes the process far more cost-effective than the time it would take to individually contact each customer.

* Improve customer interaction – Automated bots, also known as "Chat Bots" or "neighbor bots", are capable of performing basic conversation-style tasks. For example, they can automatically answer incoming phone calls, send replies to customers who leave messages, and browse through the inbox. This integration not only allows customers to receive messages and reply to them at their convenience but also gives businesses the opportunity to improve customer experience by reducing customer bounce-backs and improved customer retention. Messenger Bot is an inbox assistant, you can really be proud of.

* Integrates With Hootsuite Embed Features – Messenger Bot is designed to work seamlessly with popular social media and networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more. Messenger Bot is already integrating with some of these popular sites, but it is also in the process of incorporating with the other social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Google+. This further extends its functionality to provide customers with the best customer experience. Messenger Bot uses a custom-built integration script by Hootsuite that allows it to integrate with many other websites including Google Docs, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others. Users will be able to add and share files via their respective social networks.

* Get Started Now – You don't have to wait for Messenger Bot to grow and mature just like any other website like Hootsuite. You can start using the bot immediately. To get started, you'll just need to go to the bot's website, log in with your user name and password, and follow the instructions to get started. Once you're logged in, you can give it a try by giving personalized recommendations, and it'll make suggestions to you as per your profile and preferences.

What can you expect from Messenger Bot? The most important thing that customers can expect from Messenger Bot is that it provides them excellent customer support and helps them get started. The personalized recommendations are made based on a customer's profile and preferences. With this bot, customers are given the power to create groups, filter their options, and get started with their shopping immediately. Separate Messenger Bot from the rest of the Sephora in your web directory, and become the authority Sephora marketer!