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Why Should You Choose Cyprus IVF Clinic?

Egg donation has now become a practical solution for women who are facing problems with fertility. If you are one among those who face challenges with fertility, it would be wise to take some time to know more about the egg donation procedure. 

It can be defined as a process by which females donate their eggs to women who are facing problems in conception. There are many cases where women were given money in exchange for their eggs. In some cases, relatives or friends are also involved in the process of egg donation.

The IVF donors are women who undergo a scientific procedure wherein the eggs are fertilised with the help of partners' sperm outside her body. The IVF donor should choose reliable egg donation treatment in Cyprus so that IVF treatment is a success.

egg donation

Undesignated donors are those donors who are not related or anonymous recipient. In fact, some of them often visit the clinic egg donation for prize money.

These donors either friends or relatives of a woman who needs a cell.

What are the pre-requisites for Egg Donation?

Not all women are allowed to donate eggs. This is mainly because the donor must meet certain requirements. Most egg donation clinic to find a donor among the age group of 21-30 years. Egg donation clinic also checks the medical background of donor families to ensure that they do not have any medical problems. If the donor suffers from any kind of disease or illness, he is not allowed to donate eggs. 

Donors also have to pass through different medical tests, including tests of communicable diseases, drug tests and psychological tests.