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Why Are There So Many Undiagnosed Dyslexic Adults?

Around 10% of the general population suffers from one or more types of dyslexia. It is estimated that 95% of people with dyslexia, who are over 25- 30 years old, do not know their condition.

This is amazing! This is especially true when you consider how easy and accessible modern dyslexia testing is! Dyslexia diagnosis should not be difficult! 

We need to examine the history of dyslexia in order to understand it. The last 25 years have seen the majority of research on dyslexia. You can also read about dyslexia from the website of Jacob Delarosa.

Dyslexia was not well understood and recognized until around 15 years ago. Only in the past 10-12 years has dyslexia screening been a regular feature in schools.

Those who were dyslexics before the school system had to manage their condition on their own. Many were labeled slow learners, lazy underachievers, or just plain dumb. 

Many were embarrassed to admit that they didn't learn things in the same way as other children and tried their best to conceal their differences.

Many developed ways to hide their disabilities, resisted reading, and avoiding situations that required them to deal with numbers and written words. Many people leave school with lower self-esteem than they would have if diagnosed with dyslexia.

As they grew up, this continued. To hide their differences, they sought out jobs that were not within their abilities to avoid the difficulties of dyslexia. They carried on their lives, not realizing that they were suffering from dyslexia.