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What Should You Do If You Notice A Leak?

A plumbing issue can quickly become a nightmare if not fixed in a timely manner. If you find yourself in need of a plumber, be sure to know about the various plumbing repair services so that you can get the repairs done right the first time.

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The different types of plumbing repairs are as follows:

1. A clogged sink or shower will require a plunger to unclog it.

2. A broken pipe can result in flooding, and may need a plumber to come out and fix it.

3. A leaking faucet can cause water damage to your flooring and furniture, so you'll likely need a plumber to fix it.

Start by checking the obvious: is the water coming out of the faucet slowly or quickly? If it's quickly, then the problem may be with your water main. If the water is slow, you may have a leaky valve or control valve. If you can't see a leak, turn off all the taps and toilets in your home and wait five minutes. 

If the water hasn't returned after five minutes, you may have a small leak near the faucet. Try to locate the source of the leak by using a flashlight and following the water line. Once you've located the leak, turn off the main water supply to that area and call a professional.

Remember: always turn off all taps and toilets in your home before calling a professional!