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What Is the Borderline Personality Disorder Definition

A borderline personality disorder is a disease. This disease affects an individual's emotions. This disease causes a person to feel disorganized and their behavior changes, which can impact their relationships.

This condition is marked by problems with self-image, changing behavior, and unorganized relationships among the affected. These people may have difficulty controlling their emotions and could end up harming themselves. This disorder is more common in women than it is in men. Let's learn more about this in detail: 

Borderline Personality Disorder

It is not known what causes borderline personality disorder. The following are some of the possible causes:

Child abuse, abandonment, or trauma.

This disorder affects people who have suffered abuse verbally, physically, or emotionally in their lives. The abuse could have occurred by one or both of the guardians or parents. This disorder can also be caused by the loss of or withdrawal from a guardian or parent.

Borderline personality disorders can be linked to genetics. Affected individuals are likely to have a family member with the disorder. It is believed that if one twin is affected, the other can also be affected. 

Signs of borderline personality disorder

People with his disorder view everything in extremes. An individual may view a situation as very good or very poor. They also change their perspectives on people frequently. You may be seen as being of value to them one day and then the exact opposite the next. This can lead to insecure relationships and a strain in their relationship with others.

This disorder can make people very sensitive to their treatment. They are often not able to accept criticism. They often have a negative self-image. They are unpredictable in their behavior. They are known for shoplifting and backing as well as excessive spending. They are also prone to suicide and self-harm.