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What Is Craft Coffee?

For the more sophisticated in the coffee niche, the term craft coffee has become a solid choice. The term is defined as coffee of the highest quality grown in certain microclimates, processed to preserve quality, and roasted to bring out the distinctive characteristics of that bean.

Plus, artisan coffee shops show the same care in preparing and serving coffee in a way that honors the tedious process that took that beverage from seed to cup. If you’re looking to buy craft coffee then you can visit

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The word "craft" is superior to other options for several reasons. Craft suggests that the craftsman who made the product actually cares deeply about his work, and not just the monetary gain from his work.

If you're enjoying a cup of delicious coffee, remember that many people were involved in making this happen. At the most basic level, a farmer somewhere cared enough to grow a quality bean. These beans were then passed on to someone else who used elaborate techniques to carefully sort and process them while he strove to preserve quality.

The importer used state-of-the-art technology to keep the green coffee fresh. The roaster developed a roast profile to bring out the outstanding flavor characteristics of that specific coffee.

And finally, someone, whether it's a barista at your local cafe or you in your kitchen, carefully grinds and brews the coffee to ensure proper extraction. Indeed, coffee is a complicated, multifaceted and beautiful art.