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What Are The Other Treatments Used By Physical Therapists Besides Physical Therapy Exercises?

Physiotherapy is a relaxing treatment. It does not hurt. It is safe. But since it is applied to injured or painful areas of your body, it can be challenging at times. You may even feel pain after a tissue massage, although it will eventually go away. Professionals apply these processes despite knowing that it may be difficult initially. They have their plan based on your individual needs. 

Also, each person responds differently to this therapy. Daily body activities, body type, habits, diet, and alignment are the factors considered when making the plan. Many companies like, also offer physical therapy in Timonium.

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Apart from some exercises, physiotherapists can also apply some other procedures and some of them are as follows:

Hot and Cold Packs: Cold or ice packs are used for inflamed areas. This helps calm the area. On the other hand, heat is used to warm up the muscles for better movements. Both help with pain.

Massages: Different types of Davie advanced physical therapy, including massages, are performed by physical therapists with your needs in mind. While they massage the injured or wounded areas, you may not feel well. But the professionals take proper care so that the therapy is performed safely and you benefit from it.

Ultrasound and TENS: Ultrasound is used to send sound waves to injured or injured areas. Offers relief by blocking pain massages to the brain. The same is done by TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It sends a low-voltage current to the skin of the affected areas.