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Warning Signs Of Postpartum Depression

What is Postpartum Depression (PPD)?

"After giving birth, many women struggle from the baby blues" that is characterized by mood swings, feelings of ambivalence towards the mother, mild depression, and the attack described may due to the hormonal changes. 

Women know that their bodies undergo dramatic changes during pregnancy. Childbirth does not make changes to it and there is still a requirement to make adjustments to conceive a baby. Hormones that influence the mood and behavior flood the female body during and after pregnancy. In some cases, these blues turn into actual clinical a post-pregnancy depression and is better known as PPD.

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Warning Signs Of Postpartum Depression:

Mothers who may be suffering from PPD will experience some of the mentioned below warning signs.

Uncontrollable Crying:

The attack which began and ended in tears for no reason is a common symptom of postpartum depression. Crying because of a sad movie, or even a long-distance telephone commercial considered a normal reaction. 

Lack Of Interest In Infants:

Women suffering from PPD find that their lack of energy and interest in their newborn babies. Many women do not like to admit this side effect and even a fear of being a bad mother. 

Unable To Get Proper Rest:

No matter how tired, mothers suffering from postpartum depression unable to get appropriate sleep. They can not remain silent and even their minds. they also feel uneasiness while sleeping. 

Loss Of Appetite:

Women suffering from postpartum depression have little appetite or craving for food. Side effects and symptoms of PPD combine to make postpartum depression are much more difficult for women who are already exhausted, malnourished, and fear of being a bad mother. Remember, if you suffer from PPD you are not alone. It is very, very common.