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UGG Boots – Pass the Test From Modern to Timeless

Whether you've never tried UGG or are just ready to discover your favorite classic, UGG Australia's new, comfortable fall styles are sure to inspire you. You can now easily look for the best ugg boots for men online.

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Hottest New UGG Shoes for Fall/Winter:-

Suburb Crochet:- As comfortable as classic crochet, but even more comfortable. The UGG Suburb Crochet will be the hottest collection of soft and natural UGG sheepskin in the fall of 2008. The lightweight, flexible EVA sole keeps you stable in slippery weather.

Mayfaire:- You'll see these chic, multi-colored zippers everywhere this season when Australian UGG wearers take to the streets in their comfortable Mayfaire UGG boots. Made of soft suede, these short UGG boots are fully lined with comfortable sheepskin and feature a lightweight EVA sole with rubber padding for durability and traction.

Ultimate Bag for women:- If you feel cold feet in fall and winter, you'll love the UGG Bag Ultimate's comfortable boots. It is made of soft double-sided sheepskin and has a sheepskin sole that can be removed for all-day comfort. 

The shrunken cuffs and the Tasmanian signature of the Australian UGG add to the modern feel. The molded rubber sole provides traction, and the suede heel guard makes these great UGG boots extremely durable.

Knightsbridge:- The longer version of Mayfaire, UGG Knightsbridge, is another must-have for Fall/Winter and beyond. These UGG boots are made of soft suede smeared with comfortable sheepskin and have a colored zipper on the back. Lightweight EVA sole with rubber cushion offers excellent traction.