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Totally Brilliant Job Ideas For People Who Aren’t Afraid Of Getting Wet

If you’ve spent the last couple of months hating every moment of your working life, then it could be time you looked for alternative means of employment. Although people often say things like “beggars can’t be choosers”, the reality is that spending eight hours each day doing something you find incredibly boring is likely to have a negative impact on your mental health, and so it’s vital that you make the change as quickly as possible. Personally, I find work more bearable when I consider it to be somewhat fun, and I’ll bet most others are the same.

With that in mind, this article will focus on fun jobs suited to people who don’t mind getting their feet wet from time to time. Obviously, you’re going to need strong swimming skills to apply for any of these career choices, but so long as you can handle yourself in the water, all of them should be open to you after some basic training. Some will require more qualifications than others though, which is why you might want to factor this in when deciding which is most suitable for you.


All swimming pools have to employ lifeguards by law in most countries to limit the number of accidents that occur. Though you might think this is a bit of a lazy job, and you’ll spend all day sitting on a tall seat reading your magazines, most lifeguards also train to become swimming instructors, so in truth, your day will be quite varied. To find a job like this, head down to your local leisure centers and drop off your CV. Alternatively, you might like to try the same thing at all local beaches.

Marine Surveyor

This is an odd job and usually requires a qualification in naval architecture. Still, this training can be obtained from numerous colleges around the country, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble enrolling on a suitable degree course. Your main duties might include conducting an underwater survey, a hydrographic survey or even providing information that would help engineers fix underwater foundations on constructs like piers. Most people who get involved with this kind of work never look for alternative careers because the job is so varied and exciting from day one. Plus, you’ll get to travel all over the country, and perhaps, all over the world.

Scuba Diver

Whether you end up finding antique shipwrecks, helping to find drowned people or simply taking groups of tourists to the bottom for pure enjoyment, becoming a scuba diver could be the perfect career choice for anyone who enjoys spending time in the water. Thankfully, there are only a few basic qualifications needed, and most of those are only for insurance purposes, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start working in as little as a few months. Scientists also employ scuba divers to help with research, and if you manage to get involved with this kind of endeavor, you could travel the world. You can check this site to get more information about it.

So there you have it my friends with webbed feet, those were some of the most appealing jobs available today to people with your interests. I hope something caught your eye!