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The Many Benefits Of Hydroponics

The term 'hydroponics' is by no means a widely known one but basically refers to the method of growing plants using mineral solutions, in water but without soil.

It is possible to grow terrestrial plants with their roots solely in the mineral nutrient solution, or for that matter, in any of a wide range of inert mediums, such as gravel, perlite, coconut husk, or mineral wool. To know about hydroponics shop you can search the online stores of plant nutrients providers like hydroshop.

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The history of hydroponics can be traced back to the 18th century when it was discovered by researchers that essential mineral nutrients are absorbed by plants as inorganic ions in water.

Although it is true that in natural conditions, soil plays the role of a mineral nutrient reservoir, the soil is not actually essential to the growth of the plant. Without soil, one simply needs to artificially introduce the required mineral nutrients into the given plant's water supply.

As a matter of fact, it's possible to grow almost any terrestrial plant with hydroponics, whilst the method has also become a mainstay of biology research and teaching.

If you have an interest in the practice of hydroponics, however, you'll need to know where to source the best equipment for the job which is where the Internet can certainly come in useful.

Do you need the best quality, not to mention best-priced, hydroponics equipment? Would you appreciate a store that offers the best in tools and accessories, lighting equipment, hydroponic systems, grow tents, irrigation and so much more? Of course, you would but if you depend on the phone book, you're basically restricted to traveling what may be many miles, for what may turn out to be rather overpriced and substandard products.