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The Essential Pap Smear Test For Cervical Cancer Treatment

The smear is important for detecting traces of cervical cancer cells. If the examination is done early, cervical cancer can be managed early. Blood smears have been used effectively for more than fifty years, which is why cancer deaths have fallen significantly in the US.

This test is used to determine the presence of abnormal cells in the cervix. Pap tests are divided into two types. You can find the best cervical cancer treatment in Kenya via

cervical cancer treatment

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A cell sample is first collected from the surface of the cervix by a gynecologist and then tested under a slide. Recent technological advances have resulted in fluid samples tested in bottles. This test is effective in obtaining results for the presence of cancer cells.

Lab technicians test the cells under an important microscope for abnormalities. Sometimes software is used to get results. This test does not always mean that a person has cervical cancer.

After sending the sample to the nearest health center, you may be asked to come back for another examination. Sometimes a detailed medical examination is needed to determine the root cause of the abnormality, and this may include other stain tests.

This is important because often the smear does not detect precancerous lesions the first time. Since cell growth is very gradual, it is hoped that other intensive tests will achieve this. This is why doctors sometimes recommend regular smear tests.