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The Costs of Stationery Printing

Business papers are essential to the success of any company. It is one of the most visible aspects of a business and is often the first point of contact for a prospect in the form of a flyer, business card, or letter.

This is not an area where cost-cutting makes sense as poor quality, thin paper, and cheap color printing create a secondary business impression that will put off potential buyers.

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Therefore, the cost of printing stationery is an important part of the company's budget. This is not an area for saving money, although that doesn't mean that you should do the opposite of throwing money away.

When considering which office printer to use, it is helpful to use the same rules as for any other project; that is, get yourself two or three quotes and pay attention to what's in each one.

Excellent stationery printers will be ready to provide samples at this point. It should also be checked whether the price may contain subsequent reprints or information changes.

It is also important to know what dispute resolution is available if you are not satisfied with the print quality of any stationery.

It should be clarified how much stationery is needed and which stationery should be included in the price.