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The Benefits Of Tuning Your Car

Whether you're a petrolhead who loves tinkering with and maintaining your car or just use your car to get you where you need to be, doing some car engine chip tuning is a fantastic way to increase the power and economy of your car.

Companies are experts in helping you get the most out of your car using their high-quality petrol, diesel, and hybrid tuning boxes and vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Increased economy and power aren't the only reasons to do some Audi tuning on your car though, as their services demonstrate.

Increased power and control

After fitting one of the company's BMW tuning boxes, you can expect up to 40% more power and torque from your vehicle.

You can sometimes get even more using one depending on the Audi tuning device and the type of application it is being used for.

This boost can increase your car's handling as well, and give you greater control of your vehicle.

Better fuel economy

After installing your car engine chip tuning system, you will often find that you will start saving on your fuel allowance. It is not uncommon to see an improvement of 2-5 miles per gallon after doing your Audi tuning.

This is because the increased power and torque that the BMW tuning system gives your car means that less fuel is needed as less throttle is required to reach the same power as you would use without a system.

Guaranteed performance

The company uses a dyno graph, also known as a rolling road, to prove to you the difference in performance that their car engine chip tuning systems will have. This device simulates driving on a road surface and is used to measure torque and power outputs.