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Suffering Form Burnout And Stress? A New Therapy Helps

Oxygen keeps us alive. Humans breathe in 21 percent oxygen with every breath and about three-quarters of that are again unused. This means that the body only uses a quarter of the oxygen in the air.

Ozone treatment can quickly improve the function of the immune system, help detoxify the body & kill off harmful pathogens.

Therefore, oral resuscitation is possible. As we get older, when we get sick or suffer from stress (burning) or sleep disturbances, when we lack energy or exercise and we eat an unbalanced diet, the body's cells lack oxygen to support metabolism.

"We can't change our bodies, but we can change the air we breathe," said Guido Bierter, founder of Airnergy AG at Hennef. Airnergy has developed technology that uses one natural process; Photosynthesis on green leaves.

This technology works without increasing or ionizing the amount of oxygen and does not add byproducts like ozone, etc. It is the biological importance of airway oxygen for cell regeneration in general, which explains why Airnergy has the same effect.

The so-called Spirovital therapy is a natural treatment and has also aroused the interest of conventional medical professionals.

Balbir Singh, physiotherapist and former Michael Schumacher trainer, supports Spirovital therapy. "Airnergy helps the human body to absorb more energy than the air we breathe.

While the human body only breathes through the nasal passages or headphones for 21 minutes, it absorbs energy. It stimulates regeneration, concentration, fitness and endurance.