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Some Tips To Consider When Choosing Toilet Paper

Imagine what we might be doing if not for toilet paper. We would probably still be using newspapers every time we went to the toilet. People used many different things to go to the bathroom before toilet paper was invented in China.

Apart from newspapers, people used leaves, coconut shells, and sheep’s wool in different cultures. Toilet paper is still a common item in many cultures’ bathrooms. You can buy the best toilet paper for your home via

Eco - Friendly Paper Towels

To bleach or not bleach

Bleaching toilet paper can cause more harm to the environment. The bleaching process produces dioxin, which is chlorine dioxide. Dioxin, a toxic chemical that can cause irreversible harm to humans and fish, is extremely dangerous. Unbleached toilet papers are a good choice.

How to identify nature-friendly toilet papers

There are some simple terms that can help you determine if your toilet paper is unbleached. First, look out for “unbleached”! The product should also state “processed chlorine-free”. This means the paper was not bleached with chlorine or oxygen. The same thing is “Totally free of chlorine”.

Bathroom tissue should be considered in the final analysis. All bathroom tissue is made of the same materials and will eventually degrade if flushed. However, every bathroom tissue has a different texture. Some toilet tissue can be particularly rough.