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Smartphones Or Digital Cameras?

It's a known fact that millions of people have smartphones these days and the number continues to increase. Many even prefer to use this sophisticated phone to take a photo compared to using their digital cameras.

It is quite understandable since become multifunction devices that users often carry with them every day; people find it very convenient to use a smartphone camera when they have to take a photo. You can get to know more about cell phone camera ratings via

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New research in the UK has found that, indeed, the number of people who prefer to use their smartphone more compact digicams them to take photos and videos are grown. Of those surveyed, nearly half of respondents admitted they did it. In addition, the study reveals that digital camera sales have declined as more people get their own smartphones.

It is one of the clear evidence that consumers showed signs of using their digital cameras more often, especially those with advanced mobile communication devices.

The researchers showed that convenience is the main reason why many people are now using their smartphones more digicams them when it comes to capturing images and videos.

With only the gadgets that perform a variety of functions, they can easily take pictures and share them online in a variety of social networking sites or email it to friends and family. This cuts the time for the cable connection from the camera to the computer and then uploaded it to the site when using compact cameras.

With this development, people can not be blamed if they now prefer smartphones over digital cameras. Manufacturers have responded to this demand by increasing the number of digicams also their focus is now on improving their digital imaging sensor technology for smartphones and tablets.