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Shungite Water: Purification, Detoxification and Healing

Shungite is a well-known and powerful tool for water filtration. Drinking clean and safe water is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. In the era of global water pollution, shungite stones can provide you and your loved ones with clean and safe water.

Earth's current location is drinking water heavily contaminated by radioactive species, fertilizers, pesticides, bacteria and viruses. You can purchase shungite water kit online via

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Water pollution causes most diseases such as infections, cancer, genetic diseases and allergies and can even negatively impact mental and physical growth and development. According to World Health Organization statistics, more than 80% of all diseases are related to the consumption of contaminated drinking water, and this trend will continue.

Shungite is an excellent natural ingredient for cleansing water and even saturating it with healthy elements. The shungite stone found in the Republic of Karelia, Russia has a unique chemical composition (high carbon content) and physical properties (absorption and antibacterial properties).

The carbon nature of the rock and its porous structure lead to very high filtration capacities. Shungite absorbs and stores up to 95% of pollutants, including heavy metals, fluorides, chlorine, pesticides, radon and harmful microorganisms. The amount of organic chemicals and artificial substances in shungite water is close to zero.

Slopes have a great energizing effect on water. Energized and mineralized shungite water offers better cell and tissue function as it contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. As a result, it boosts your entire immune system and can be used to treat various ailments as well as detoxify your body.