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Recruitment agencies, Why and How to Approach Them

There are several advantages in using a recruitment agency in your job search.

Agents are in the know and have access to a large number of jobs before they are advertised. the agent can put you forward for the double job opportunities and they have a deep knowledge of their markets and the companies they represent. Have a peek at this web-site to get the best information about recruitment agencies.

Recruitment agencies, Why and How to Approach Them

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A recruiter will "sell" you to the client before your interview, highlighting the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of any kind. They will provide background information that will be interviewing you, their personalities and what the interviewer is looking for in their ideal candidate.

Is the interest of the agent to maximize the salary package for the successful candidate as their fee based on a percentage of this package? They also can manage the negotiation process between you and the employer.

What they cannot do is get a job.

They are sales people. They work long hours and earn most of their money on commissions. No matter how much you think you're perfect for the job, they will not put you to the front unless they are sure you will impress their clients, enabling them to achieve their internal sales targets and get their costs.

If an advertised job gives recruiters the name, call them. Prepare a brief sales pitch in advance which outlines the match between your skills and the job description. If the ad asks you to apply online, do attach your CV and sales in the comment box. Then call the agent, giving the field and ask them if they will put you ahead.