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Practical Tips To Help With Your Personal Statement

Applying to university is a big step, but there's nothing to be afraid of. Universities are big investments so make sure you choose the right location and course.

Your personal statement is a very important part of your application – it is your chance to show what makes you a great candidate and can be a determining factor between you and others with similar qualifications.

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The personal statement is the only part of the application that you have direct control over. Do a lot of research to show your passion, curiosity, and desire to pursue your chosen topic.

It should include things like the reason you want to take the course, any extracurricular activities you've taken that are relevant to your application, and any skills or qualities you have that you will do well in that subject.

Go ahead of your academic achievements and show them who you are. This should not be the focus of your statement, but is great for discussing your interests, social activities, and hobbies and, if appropriate, how they relate to the course you are applying for.