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Necessary Things About The Washing Machine

When we are talk about the repair and maintenance of washing machines. First, you need to know that the main cause of water damage in homes from washing machine related failure. This is due to leaky or broken water supply hose.

According IIBHS, the average age of a failure to supply hose washer is approximately 8.7 years. To extend the life expectancy of your washing machine parts, you need to experience the best service from leading professionals.

Follow the steps essential for the maintenance of the washing machine:

Check the washing machine supply lines at least twice a year (every 6 months) for signs of failure, which include: disposable tube or hose bulging and blistering, stress fracture or loosening connections, frayed from the line, and near the end of the hose leaks.

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, replace this supply line at least once every 3-5 years. In some cases the damage may occur from the inside out. Be sure to replace them with braided steel hoses reinforced because it will last longer and are much more likely to result in disaster.

Leave four inches (11 cm) gap between the rear of the washer and the wall to avoid kinks in your water supply lines.

Turn off the supply valve when not in use, such as when leaving on vacation or if you wash cycle only once every week or two.