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Mouth to Lung VS Direct To Lung Vape: Which Is Really Better?

It's important to have the right settings if you want to get the best DTL vaping experience. The things you need for a direct experience that are exactly different from MTL technique.

Equipment: The first thing you need is a sub-ohm tank and a device that can extinguish a decent wattage. If you are looking for e-juice online then you can choose it from Vape House Hawaii Premium E-Liquids or you can click on various other sources to find out more.

You may have to pay more than one penny (more than $ 100 or more) for a set solid box mod setting, but there are many non-regulated tube sub-ohm products (tube mod) that will make you spend $ 50 or less.

There will also be a real difference in terms of coils. While MTL coils are usually small and formed with artificial fibers for axes, the sub-ohm tank is filled with organic cotton and features a larger axis port.

Juice: The next thing you want to do is take some electronic liquid containing Vegetable Glycerin. High VG e-liquids are thick as molasses and will be very suitable for cloud production sought by DTL vapers. At the very least, you should look for vape juice 70% VG or higher.

Nicotine: This is where everything becomes uncertain – and why direct-lung vaping is not always recommended for beginners who make the transition from stinky sticks.

Because of the large amount of vapor inhaled, nicotine levels above 6 mg should not be considered when focusing on vaping DTL. Anything higher than 6mg for beginners is likely to produce painful burning vibes in the throat and lungs, thanks to the incredible steam and high nicotine content.