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Mouth Guards: What You Need To Know

There are mouth guards for all needs, budget, and comfort level. Some make it more comfortable to breathe than others. Some offer better retention, support, and protection. Others provide talking and swallowing more freely. The cost for the different types has a fairly wide range. To know more about types of guards such as custom mouth guard visit

Mouthpieces on the market today

A stock mouthguard which is performed and ready to wear. These are the cheapest and poorest fitting types available. I do not recommend them. They are not safe.

Boil and bite or heat and form Mouthguards, which are a better alternative to the guardians of stock, mold to your individual mouth. This type offers many different options, prices, and sizes. Most products boil and bite offer adequate protection at a fair price. The type I give my highest recommendation is a custom mouthguard.

It is usually the best fitting and most protective mouthguard. Custom mouthpieces are great because they are made on a model of your teeth. This personalized form allows the freedom to speak, breathe, and drink. There are some good dental laboratories, which you can buy from online, that can give you exactly the same product for a significant price reduction.