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Motorised Treadmills – Pros and Cons

A motorised treadmill can help improve the quality of your life. Having an exercise machine in your home is convenient, comfortable and affordable. You can have your own treadmill to use in the comfort of your home. The only disadvantage is that you need to manually use the machine rather than having it automatically controlled. If you are planning to buy a treadmill, you will need to consider factors such as the price, the speed and the features. By comparing all these factors you should be able to make the best decision.

motorised treadmill

The straight line motorised treadmill is an innovative type of treadmill that requires no electricity to run. Its circular running surface puts a greater demand on your body than a regular treadmill as it needs to absorb the impact of your footsteps. This kind of self-driven treadmill enables you to exercise in a natural motion on the smooth moving pads of your feet.

The benefit of a self-driven treadmill lies in its smooth working and the great workout you receive. It comes with a number of settings to set the incline and speed for different workouts. This gives you the freedom to choose a workout depending on your level of fitness. The disadvantages are that it cannot be used at high speeds as it can easily get overheated. Also, you need to keep a constant speed or you may fall off the ladder.

The manual treadmill is another popular option with users. It differs from a motorised treadmill in that it is driven by your body weight. This makes it more difficult to workout at high speeds since it does not have an automatic shut off. It also has only two speeds, which are pre-set. However, this disadvantage reduces the calorie count of this type of fitness machine.

The most expensive treadmill choice is the curved treadmill. These treadmills as seen on are basically curved and can measure the distance travelled by your stride in three dimensions. You will be able to find all the information you need in its monitor screen. It offers the most flexible exercising experience out there thanks to its variable speed settings and easy-to-follow workout programs. The downside is that it is quite expensive and you need to pay more for this treadmill model. The curved treadmill requires you to regularly update its program in order to continue enjoying the best workout experience.

The third option for you is the Treadmill with an AC or DC powered extension cord. It requires power in order to function properly. The main advantage is that you do not need electricity to operate the machine. It also provides the most flexible exercise equipment because you can use both hands for exercising. However, the major disadvantage of this model is that it is heavier than any other model available. You may also have to make frequent changes to the settings in order to make your treadmill work well for you.

The fourth choice is the manual treadmill. This manual treadmill uses the power of your own legs to keep running. You can set the level of difficulty for your workout goals. You can also change the incline of the treadmill with the help of a hand pump. The disadvantage of this model is that it requires a lot of effort on your part in order to keep running. You may also need to consult your doctor before starting to exercise using this type of treadmill.


All the four motorised treadmills discussed above have their own pros and cons. They all provide excellent workout experience for most people, but they also require effort on your part to use them. Therefore, you should consider your own needs carefully before purchasing one of these treadmills. If you are fit and healthy, you may want to consider the manual treadmill, but if you are not, then motorised treadmills are your best option.