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Military Job Line Scores For ASVAB Exam

The ASVAB is an exam you must take before serving in the army. This is something you need to learn and really understand how test questions work. Preparing to go through some trial and error testing and working on your weaknesses can make the difference between getting a job you really want and a job you really hate.

Both types of assessment (AFQT and linear outcome):

There are two types of results that will be generated when you use the ASVAB. You take the test and get an AFQT result, and you also have a linear result. The two results are created by adding different parts of the ASVAB online practice tests, also called subtests.

The AFQT results are only used to determine whether a person is eligible to join a particular branch of the military. The AFQT score is not used to determine whether a person is eligible to be trained for a particular military occupation. 

Army Qualification Test (AFQT) results were obtained from four of the nine ASVAB subtests: Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Word Knowledge (WK), Mathematics Knowledge (MK) and Arithmetic Thinking (AR).

Some branches of military professional qualification are determined on the basis of linear results, which are derived from individual assessments of the ASVAB subtest.

The Air Force, Army and USMC qualify their recruitment for specific jobs or in military terms (MOS) and Air Force Special Codes (AFSC). Although the Navy and Coast Guard do not use linear results, they still use actual results from the ASVAB subtest to determine the correct deployment of recruits.