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Kinds Of Window Grills

Safety problems may always be in your mind. Is it about your home, your work or your life, you are worried about your safety. To improve your home security, you need to have an alarm system, locked door and window bar. Thieves usually feel easy to break the window and enter the house. Therefore, you need to install the window grill in your window to give them a hard time.

The type of window grill to design home is categorized further according to the mechanism they follow in their work.

Hinged grills– The hinged grills of this grill consist of a metal frame that is installed on the outside of the window. The biggest plus point of this grill is that it can also be used as an emergency door if there is an accident.

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Immobile grills– As the name suggests, this kind of grill is immovable. Thus, it eliminates the window property to function as an emergency door. The metal frame is set on concrete and does not move.

Accordion Grills – This type consists of exterior metal window frames and runners. The frame is installed on the runner that allows it to move back and forth. The hinged runners into the concrete, while the frame does not.

Period grills–  This type is mainly used in buildings that preserve landmarks or ancient monuments. During any construction, or renovation, people may be stopped to enter the location through various types of bars.

Many other types of bars are available according to the goals they have to serve. People choose them according to affordability and their purpose of buying it.