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Keeping Your Pool Water Sparkling and Healthy With Pool Supplies

The pools are the perfect distraction on a hot summer day, but most people rarely think about the complex processes that maintain cleanliness. 

A swimming pool without adequate sanitation is hazardous to the human pleasure; pumps, filters and covers are needed to maintain the levels of bacteria in the water. You can get best pool covers from companies like

An unclean pool can accommodate many infected swimmers microorganisms and, untreated, can spread dangerous diseases. Swimming in contaminated pools can cause diarrhea / Giardia, eye and skin infections and even respiratory problems if the water is swallowed.

For most of us, a swimming pool is just a big hole in the ground filled with water, but they rely on the pool of accessories like water pumps, which use complex processes to keep the water clean. During the pumping process, an electric motor rotates an impeller which draws water and drains through a filter which removes large debris from the water. 

Then, the pump moves the water through a filter before returning it to the pool. the state law requires that all water must be treated in a certain period of time, usually between 30 minutes and 6 hours, depending on the pool size. 

To illustrate the vital role that the pumps in a pool system, imagine a typical pool apartment size: 167000 must be treated (pumped, filtered, back) every six hours to maintain the health of the water!

Filters are also important pool accessories, because they catch microscopic debris that passes through the sieve. There are three types of filters: sand, cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth (DE).