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Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Tips

The hydraulic cylinder is an integral part of every hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinders provide a unidirectional force that eliminates the need for gears and levers. Since they're among the easiest elements of a hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinder fix is comparatively simple to accomplish.

Hydraulic systems are seen in all sorts of applications from automobile auto steering systems, marine software heavy earth moving equipment, agricultural and industrial machines, industrial and construction utilized. The most frequent software for these devices are choosing, grasping and lifting.

A normal hydraulic system will contain pumps, a drive mechanism, pipes, filters, cylinders valves, seal kits and pressure switches. You can get best cylinder seal kits from komatsu via Anyone who has a basic understanding of how a hydraulic system works can undertake a hydraulic cylinder repair.

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Usually before making a fix, it is best to discover the cause of the failure, this is a number of items such as:

  • Damaged seals
  • This can happen as a result of incorrect fitting
  • Corrosion
  • Having an inappropriate metal work clearance
  • Misalignment of the cylinder and load
  • Contaminated fluid
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Chemical attacks

It is important to wash out the entire area before you begin working to prevent contamination.  Disconnect all of the pipe work, remove any wires and drain all of the fluid to your cylinder and related regions of the system.

Then it is possible to start fixing the damaged hydraulic cylinder. The tools needed are a rubber mallet, pliers, screwdriver, punch, emery cloth 'skate wrench and a suitable seal kit.