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How To Use Winter Pool Covers?

Solid winter pool covers are the most common type sold today. Proper installation of pool covers is very important. Unfortunately, improper installation destroys many covers long before they have to request a replacement.

Incorrect installation is often the reason. This is how to do it right and save money. You can buy covers in play retractable roof enclosure over your swimming pool from various online sources.

After your pool is dried to the right level, broken lines, anti-freeze and winter chemicals add the time of the lid. The correct way to attach a cover is very similar to whether your pool is above ground or in the ground.

Project Image

Place the cover at the top of the pool and make sure that the overlapping material is even around. After this is done, place the safety device in its position. For the pool above the ground, this means inserting a loop or grommet cable and installing a winch or fastener.

The next step is to form a cover to the side of the pool around the entire perimeter. The idea is to have the cover located above the pool water for support and remain on the side to prevent the wind from entering below it.

After the cover is in the correct position, remove the garden hose and spray water on the cover as high as one inch or more. This holds the cover. At this point, you are almost done.

For a pool above the ground, tighten the cable as tightly as possible and lift the cable under the top rail. For ponds on the ground, fill the water bag or block about two thirds full of water and make sure they are in a safe position.