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How to Split and Merge PDF Files

Since the advent of Portable Document Format (PDF), the way users handle electronic documents changed a lot to benefit from it. Smaller size, universal deployment and most importantly, strong security are just a few benefits of the PDF. Because of them, a wide range of users changes the way they keep the document. Everything is converted to PDF.

Business users convert their emails, spreadsheets or invoices to keep them better organized. Teachers deploy their courses in PDF format, making sure students or other readers do not modify the file. Home users transform important documents into PDF because PDF is an independent platform and system changes will not affect them.

After this first phase, a new problem occurs. At some point, you may want to print or send it to a friend only a few pages from a PDF, not the entire document. Basically, you want to extract some pages into a new PDF document, leaving the original file intact. A solution would be to use the best online interface to merge pdfs.

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This type of tool is very user-friendly. It allows you to select your original (input) PDF and apply a splitting pattern to get the output file (s). Some professional solutions include the option to specify customized splitting patterns, similar to Word printing pattern. Here is an example: 1,2,3; 1 to 5.3; 4-5. This will result in 3 document output.

The first one will contain pages one, two and three. The second PDF will have pages 1-5 and page three. The latter will have only 4-5 pages. Of course, the split PDF process should work with encrypted files, if you know the password. The need to combine PDF files appear immediately.

You may have two related PDF file and you want to combine them into a single document. Again, you can find a wide variety of tools that can do this. The interface is usually very simple, you must select the PDF file you want to combine, and the program does the rest. If you have a password-protected document, and you know the password, you can even merge those files too.