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How to Pick the Right Photo Paper

Choosing the right photo paper is one of the most important part of any printing project. So much depends on what your intent is with the paper being printed and how professional and long-lasting you need that photo paper to be once it has been printed on. Here are some tips for your help to choose the right coated paper

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The most important question is what are you trying to print. Are you creating a commercial spread designed to look like a magazine page? Is it a digital photo that you have the intention to frame? Is it something that will be handed around and touched by many people so it will need to be more smudge-proof?

Once you have the answer to these questions it’s easier to narrow down what you should choose as your final photo paper.

Now if you know that this is a project where the final printing needs to be a bit more sturdy and smudge-proof, then you will probably want to look at a matte photo paper that allows you to create photo prints that still look like more traditional photos but with much less shine. The lack of gloss on the Matte photo paper helps to reduce the glare, which makes it easier to view from many angles no matter what the light is. Also, the matte finish holds up much better when it comes to fingerprint marks and smudging.