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How To Get Started With A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is work that you do outside of your regular job to bring in extra money to help you pay the bills or supplement those things you want to do that your 9–5 job doesn't give you the money to do. If you're ready to jump into a side hustle, you're probably wondering where you should start.

Your side hustle should be something you enjoy doing. You're going to be spending time working on this side hustle that you might otherwise have spent doing leisure activities. Make a list of the things you think you could spend 10–20 hours a week doing outside your normal job and still feel good about life. 

You can also take professional advice from to select the right side hustle.

You'll also want to decide if you're going to invest money or need a side hustle that costs little to nothing to start. Your side hustle shouldn't cost you a lot of money (remember, you're trying to earn more money here), but you might need to spend money on tools, materials, equipment, branding, website hosting, advertising, and more. So, decide upfront how much money you're willing to invest in your side hustle.

Perhaps the most important thing to think about is whether or not your side hustle will interfere or present a conflict of interest with your day job.

You'll also need to make sure that you're not taking time from your 9-5 job to work on your side hustle. So, while you're working for your employer, you should not work on your side hustle.