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How to Find A Great Tutor For Your Child in Brisbane

Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations on the best tutors. It will surprise you how many parents use a private tutor these days. Many of the most talented tutors only do it to achieve greater and better things. 

You can also search online for ib tutoring in Brisbane. There will be many choices, but at least half will be center-based tutoring. Search for keywords such as "home tutor" and "in-home tutor", which will indicate that the tutor will come directly to your home. The next steps are to follow once you have narrowed it down to just a few tutoring companies.

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Take a look at the website. Does it look professional? Are they available by phone or email? Are they able to explain their policies, philosophy and how their program works? Do you know the owner of this company?

Are there testimonials and success stories on the website of the company? If they do, take some time to look at them. Does it look like they were written by someone real? Do they have any comments from your parents or students?

Send a request via email or phone to the company. This will allow you to measure how long it takes for companies to respond to you if you do this with multiple companies. Some companies have autoresponders that send an automated message to you. 

An auto-responder is an automated email that sends you a generic, canned message. It arrives within seconds of your inquiry. It is important to track how long it takes for a live reply from a human being.